Day 9: I knew it was coming…

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Well, I got the day I had coming to me today. It’s just been too good so far. Today it was not a good day. It was a picture perfect day, but we didn’t hardly see any ducks. We killed four. It’s the first day this year we either didn’t get our limit or couldn’t have gotten our limit if we would have stayed longer.

We didn’t even see any high flying geese. Some folks still did okay. McGowan Brake did good and the folks up in south Arkansas are still killing them, but there aren’t as many.

I had plenty of free time in the blind this morning to make some phone calls and check on other areas. One group of seven hunters up on the Cache River in north Arkansas was seeing tons of teal and they got a limit of 42 in less than an hour, but they were all little ducks. The Mississippi season opened this weekend so we’ll get some reports from what’s going on over there this week. Stay tuned.

Here’s the clincher: Not even the blackbirds were flying where we were. What else can I say?