Day 9: It’s still pretty good

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It’s a little hit and miss, but we’ve been having some really good hunts. The good news is that it is good for pretty much everybody. We got 11 this morning and had two blinds that limited out. The specks are almost constant, too and even though they are hard to work, when you get a couple that will, it’s some good action. This first week has been a good one. Monday should be good with cooler temps, clear skies and some wind.

Like I said, most everybody is getting some ducks 8-12-15, plenty to keep it interesting. One thing that everybody is saying is that the ducks seem to be flying later. I don’t know why that is. We have to get in and get to the store, but the ones that are staying out are doing better. We had two guys come in this morning that didn’t have a duck at 8:45, then all of a sudden saw ducks all over the place. They got a limit of mallards by 10 a.m.  We are still seeing a lot of teal, but more and more mallards and pintails are joining the mix.

And the specks are definitely thick. They make a good splash when you get one and they are some good eating too.

Be safe out there.Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 3.45.00 PM