Day 9: Pretty slow

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What time does a duck wake up?  At the quack of dawn, of course.

Okay, sorry about that. But the duck hunting was pretty slow today and a bad duck hunting joke might help take our minds off it. Seriously, it was pretty slow out there today. There was no wind and there aren’t many ducks. We had to pull out at 8:30 and we had eight ducks, but we didn’t see a whole lot more that would work. A few hunters that stayed until after 9 did a little better because the wind picked up, but I don’t know if anybody got a limit anywhere in our area.

There have been some pretty good reports from down around Hwy. 15, but that has been mostly teal. It has been real slow around Mer Rouge and our area. We just need some more water. I checked the 30-day forecast today and it doesn’t call for a whole lot of rain. That could be bad. I don’t remember it being this dry this time of the year in a long, long time — if ever. The season closed in Arkansas yesterday. I don’t think that will impact us short term, but it could later in the week if they stop coming down here because there is no hunting pressure there.

Monday we are supposed to have a pretty good wind early so maybe that will stir up the ducks and get them flying. I think we will go try a new place. Hopefully the ducks will find it, too. We will let you know.

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