Day 9: Relief on the way?

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There’s no way to know, but I’m hoping that with this change in weather and some other things I’m hearing, things will pick up in the duck blinds around here later this week.  It’s going to turn really cold tonight and we are predicted to have cold and a lot of wind for the next three days. It should be clear, too.

I’ve also heard from friends up in Arkansas that a lot of flight ducks are being spotted. They are high and headed south. They won’t work, so maybe they are headed in our direction. It’s cold across the Midwest and that will help, too. We just have to wait and see. A few spots around are killing pretty good numbers of ducks, but nothing to get fired up about. In general, everybody is struggling.

Arkansas closes it’s split today (Sunday)and we close in the East next Sunday. some boys ark saw a lot of flight ducks heading south, wouldn’t work, headed south.  lot of cold in the midwest, too much to it this morning,

Be safe.