Day 9: Still not much luck

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ducksmedium.jpgWe heard a few good reports of duck hunting in the fields around Mer Rouge today. We didn’t go in the rain, but the folks that did had some success. Those that did seemed to have not been in the areas they were hunting for a few days and that played an important part. This busy weekend at work has kept us hemmed up, but we are going to get back in the swing this week. Hope the ducks do the same.

There just aren’t a lot of folks hunting because the ducks have been scarce and scattered and this rain is making it hard to get motivated to go. Hopefully the cooler weather later this week will bring some more ducks in and make it more like going duck hunting.

Arkansas closed today and our first split in the East closes at the end of next weekend so maybe we will get some good days in before that.

Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the news about ducks in our region. Be safe.