Day Four: More of the same

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Day four of the season was more of the same from yesterday. We’ve got some ducks where there is water and we’ve got tons of geese. But it has been still early in the morning and the best hunting is up in the mid-morning hours for those that can stay.

If you don’t have water that has been in place for a while, you probably aren’t seeing many ducks. And there is just no water anywhere unless it has been pumped up. Even the refuges and places like Wham are dry.

There are some good reports from the river today and from down around Hwy. 15. It is slow up at Jones, but there have been some good hunts around Mer Rouge. Again, it depends on having the water right. Things are slow in south Arkansas as well.

I actually laid out Tuesday because we’ve got some big hunts coming up later this week. I hope things pick up for the big Thanksgiving weekend.

Be safe out there!