Day Nine: A new wave of ducks

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screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-11-10-20-amIt’s hard to believe, but we are entering into the second half of the first split in the East Zone. Today’s hunting was pretty good and it seems like a new wave of ducks has come through the area. People are seeing more ducks than before and having some real good luck. We laid out today because it is such a busy day at the store and we are trying to keep from running the ducks off by hunting our spot too much.

Everybody I talked to said they had a good day Saturday. There are a lot of teal and a mix of gadwalls and mallards mostly. We had a little wind Saturday morning and that was good. It is supposed to be calmer Sunday, but maybe the approaching front will pick things up a little after daylight. Monday we should get a good storm and some rain, which will help pump up the water around here.

It doesn’t look like the front will hit until up in the morning Monday, so those that are crazy enough to try it might catch it just right.

Be safe out there.