Day Six: Happy Thanksgiving!

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screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-11-47-20-amHappy Thanksgiving from our family at Simmons’ Sporting Goods in Bastrop, Louisiana, to you and yours! We hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day. We had our traditional Thanksgiving Day hunt and are thankful to live in a country where people are free to pursue making a living in the manner they choose and to be free to pursue activities that they love. We are proud to be in a country that provides a Constitution that allows and guarantees us the right to bear arms for recreation and for personal protection. God Bless America.

Oh, yes, we went duck hunting today . . .Hunting is still pretty good, but we need more water to bring in and hold more ducks. Again, if you have time, it is better to stay on up into the mid-morning hours. Birds seem to be flying better then and the wind has picked up.

We’ve got loads of geese, so go prepared for them as well.