Day Two: Another good day

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screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-11-31-11-amDay two was a good day too! We got 27 ducks and a goose. There was absolutely no wind at daybreak, but we had a good many ducks. We had to leave out early and I feel like could have gotten a limit if we stayed. Right as we left, the wind picked up and I bet we could have gotten more ducks.

It’s the same report today as opening day — those that have their water right are killing ducks. Those that didn’t pump early are having a little tougher time. And there is no water anywhere unless you pump it. It has taken some work, too. The ground is so dry it has taken a lot just to fill up the cracks.

We had a good mix today including a few mallards, pintails, gadwalls, a hooded merganser and several teal. We could have hammered the teal early, but held out for some big ducks.

I’m hearing that there aren’t a lot of ducks being killed up at Jones, but there are plenty around the Mer Rouge area. Some good hunts are taking place down on Hwy. 15 and there are good numbers of ducks down at Columbia. Again, the key is water.

Be safe.