Day 2: More of the same

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Even if there weren't any ducks, it's hard to beat a view like this to start off the day.

I was hoping to give you a better report today but I can’t. Day Two wasn’t any better than the opening day for us. We just didn’t see many ducks flying and there was no wind to stir them up.

I did hear some folks did some decent shooting, but I think the ducks are just scattered in pockets here and there. We have so much water and so much food on the ground that they get their choice of where to go. It was so wet that a lot of the farmers didn’t get to disk under the fields, so that left lots of food. We obviously have lots of water, we just need some more ducks.

There were some good reports in pockets down on Hwy. 15, but for the most part around Mer Rouge and South Arkansas, it was slow.

We need a little front to push in and bring some more ducks. I think with conditions like we’ve got, when the ducks come, they will stay here awhile.

And you never know. In the morning things may be totally different. One thing for sure is that if you don’t go, you won’t know.

Be safe out there.