Days 50 & 51: Still Slow

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Days 50 & 51 Duck Report: Still Slow

Things are still slow, but there are a few ducks being killed. We killed seven Friday morning and were glad to do that considering how few birds we could get to work. It’s pretty much the same for everybody. A lot of blinds are killing a few ducks, but I don’t know of anybody that’s really getting them.

This rain coming through Friday night should be over Saturday morning and maybe it will do some good. It looks like after Saturday, the next few days will be windy, clear and cold — really cold. That’s all we can ask for.

If that doesn’t bring some birds our way from up north, then we may just be out of luck this season. We are down to the final week of the season and I think most folks are just doing like us — grinding it out. Be safe out there.

* Editor’s Note: We are still having technical problems with he Duck Report. We will run it here until they are resolved. Thanks for your patience