Days 52 and 53:

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Day 52: Too much rain for me

It was raining hard enough to strangle a toad before daylight Saturday, so I just let them have it without me. If mallards would have been falling out of the sky, it might have been different.

Not many people hunted, but those I talked to that did reported seeing a lot of flight ducks heading south. With the cold and windy days Sunday and Monday, if we are going to have some good hunts, that better be it. We will let you know. Tomorrow will tell the tale.

I did slip back off deer hunting Saturday afternoon and got a nice 10-point. We didn’t see anything until right before dark, then the deer started to move. They had been laid up in that wind all day. The bad thing is, I needed my waders to go get him. I can’t believe how much water there is in the woods.

Be safe out there.

Day 53: Lots of ducks, finally

I think more people saw more ducks Sunday than any other day of the season so far. We had a good morning. We shot 17 and could have had more, but I left to go check on another blind for Monday. It had a lot of ducks, too.

Overall, most everybody saw ducks and saw a lot of mallards. It wasn’t wall to wall ducks. We had one lease that had three blinds. One blind killed 21. One blind killed 26. And the other blind killed ZERO.

Hopefully we’ve got enough ducks to keep us busy to the end of the season next Sunday. Everything is lining up for good hunting the last week of the season.