Day 3: Duck, duck…deer?

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This is an old picture, but if your duck hunting has been going like ours, we thought you might want a picture to remind you what they look like.

The number of ducks and weather conditions made it so promising this morning, I went deer hunting. No kidding. People that know me wouldn’t believe that Jeff Simmons went deer hunting on the third day of duck season. It happened.

I had a good chance to take a really big buck, but to cut to the chase, I missed. That happens, too. I guess I had buck fever. He was chasing a doe and ran right toward me full speed, then cut towards the woods at about 125 yards, still going wide open. At the last moment before he disappeared into the woods, he just threw on the brakes, like somebody had stepped out in front of him.

I only had a second to shoot and I guess I shot over him. I didn’t see him take a hit, found no blood and no other sign. It was still fun and exciting.

That’s not much of a “duck” report, but it’s all I’ve got today. Things are looking a bit more promising. I have heard some more ducks are coming down through Arkansas. I talked to a couple of folks that killed 30 this morning in two blinds up in Dumas. That isn’t far away. With this front coming through, maybe the ducks will be down tomorrow.

We should at least see some flight ducks and with the wind, maybe it will be a good day.