All Eyes on Deer Movements

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It’s deer camera time.  In fact, if you are a bow hunter and haven’t been checking game cameras yet, you are a little bit behind. Keeping up with deer movements is made much easier these days with a wide variety of cameras that help you maximize your time in the woods. Seeing where the deer are, what trails they are using and what time they are moving is a huge time saver.

Of course, what the camera shows isn’t always what happens on the day you may go hunting. But it sure puts the odds in your favor. Make sure you set you cameras close to where deer move and check the angle to make sure you don’t get photos of deer hooves or the sky.  And put your cameras in locations where you don’t have to invade the deer’s layup areas any more than you have to. You don’t want to change movement patterns because you were out there stirring the deer up putting out cameras.

If you need help picking out the best deer camera for your hunting, come see us. We’ve got a huge selection and some great prices. As usual, count on Simmons’ Sporting Goods for all your outdoor needs.