An outstanding day…..but…

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We had a big group of hunters and had an outstanding day, but it wasn’t easy. We went to a reservoir that has not been hunted and has been holding quite a few birds. We set up not too far off the edge and got a seven-man limit of 42.

The action was good early, but it tapered off. And it was mostly teal. But at this point with everything going on, it was a great hunt. This is a spot that we normally don’t but once or twice each split so we were glad we had it today. We’ve lost a lot of ducks and we don’t know when they’ll come back, or when new ones will come our way.

But this big rain coming Thursday could help bring them back or bring new ones. We will just have to wait and see. Remember the first split closes at the end of Sunday. Go while you can.

Be safe.