Chasing them in the woods!

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We headed to a spot in the woods Thursday that hadn’t been hunted and was holding quite a few ducks. We had a good time and killed a bunch, mostly teal but a few gadwall and mallards mixed in. If you’ve got a hole like that, or any kind of water or food source that hasn’t been hunted, now’s a good time to do it.

By giving this spot some rest, the ducks started using it. Something to get out of the norm. I’m not sure how everybody else did. I imagine the fields are still about the same. There are a lot of geese, but ducks are in short supply. No telling what it will be like around these upcoming rains, but maybe it will change something.

We had a big group of hunters and a good morning.

Another thing that start to happen this time of year is the ducks are pairing up. That should tell you to look for more subtle spots, and maybe change your decoy spread to look more like ducks that are pairing up instead of just scattered.

Good luck out there. Be safe.