Day 23: Buckle up, dudes

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Wheeeeeeee! It’s about to get fun out there. But first, today’s report. It was tough again today. Most people killed one, three, four, six ducks unless they had a real good hole that wasn’t hunted hard. The smaller spots produced a few more ducks than the bigger ones, or so it seemed.

It was rough, but they have to be coming our way. Duck hunters always believe that. I do believe it will NOT freeze over most of our waters until tomorrow night even though the low for Mer Rouge is predicted to be around 11 degrees in the morning. There will be ice, sure, but it will take the cold a while to sink into a deep freeze. That’s an optimistic outlook that could mean good duck hunting tomorrow morning early! After that, it may be Monday before most places thaw.

Best case scenario is that a lot of ducks will move down this way before the freeze and even if they pass us, they’ll come back our way when it warms a bit.

Just in case you are brave and want to know, here’s the rest of the week’s forecast. If you don’t hear from us, just give us a call at 318-By-The-Fire! And if you don’t like this week’s weather, relax. It’ll be 70 degrees again NEXT Thursday!

Tomorrow especially, be safe out there. Take extra good care of your equipment and cover up real good. Real good. That may be the longest we-didn’t-kill-any-ducks Duck Report ever.

And just for laughs if you need a pick-me-up, somebody posted this on Facebook this morning about the significant lack of ducks around our area:

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