Day 27: Whitecaps in the rice fields?

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It’s every duck hunter’s dream — high south winds blowing ducks back up from down south and keeping the birds looking for a good decoy spread to land in. But Tuesday, the ducks didn’t get the memo. They forgot to show up.

But the wind didn’t. We don’t see whitecaps in the flooded rice fields very often, but here we are. Living the dream. Oh yes, about those ducks. We killed seven. Others did about the same, or less. There are still some geese in the area, but it wasn’t a good day for them for most. It’s kind of hard to be optimistic right now, but our day will come.

Stay safe and stay after them.

Tip of the day: while things are slow, fix up your blind and pick up any litter, shotgun shells, etc. When the ducks do get here, you don’t want your lack of effort on the blind to stop you from getting them. There no time like the present to make it right.