Day 29: Good to us

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It was a good day to us, but that doesn’t mean we are overrun with ducks. We killed 21 ducks and nine geese and had some real good shooting. In fact, we took just about every bird that we got in over the decoys. It was so foggy that we were able to get them in pretty close, but we couldn’t see very far either, so it is hard to tell how many ducks might have been up there.

Several other folks had some good hunts, but a lot didn’t. This weather situation is finally looking hopeful. You can’t ever tell whether it will bring in more ducks or run out what we have, but the fronts and weather changes coming late this weekend should be a big boost to the number of birds. Unfortunately for a lot of hunters, that will happen right when they have to go back to work after the holidays.

Stay tuned. Be safe.