Day 3: Third time was the charm

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They say the third time is the charm and Monday it worked for area duck hunters. There was a good wind and bright sun and it worked to get ducks moving. There were a good many flying and there were more flight ducks spotted in the area. Everybody seemed to have a better day. We had 27 killed in one blind and 15 in another, so that’s pretty good. It’s a mix of ducks, but heavy on the teal. Nobody will complain about that.

The rain won’t hurt, either. A half-inch doesn’t do much but it helps. When it’s dry it is really good on folks that have water, but the bad thing is they get hunted heavy in those spots and can move out on you. When they have tons of water, it’s hard to pinpoint them sometimes. So it’s hard to get things perfect.

It’s a busy week for duck hunting. There are also a lot of specks flying. Whatever you do, be safe out there.

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