Day 35: Not a single shot

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Here’s one sign that duck hunting is slow. You start seeing sunrise pictures on the Duck Report instead of duck pictures!

A lot of hunters go to the woods or field for a break from the hectic pace of day to day living. A little quiet is a good thing. But you don’t want it too quiet. Like today. We didn’t fire a single shot. Not a single shot. That’s way too quiet. It’s a strange year. We are way down on the number of ducks in our area but there are some folks in south Arkansas that are having some good hunts and numbers are up. Same for down south of Monroe.

But those are some special spots and it isn’t the majority. Most hunters are having a hard time. Maybe this change in the weather will help move some ducks tomorrow. I hope so. It’s time to stop hoping and start shooting!

Be safe out there. Stay tuned. We’ll bring you the news as we know it, good or bad.