Day 39: Yucky, not ducky

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It’s more yucky today than ducky. We did get a change of weather and got a good rain in some parts of the area, which was badly needed, but there still isn’t a lot of water except what people have pumped up. There was less than an inch in most places, some spots didn’t even get but a half an inch. To the north, where they were expecting bad conditions, it was not even raining and the only thing getting excited were the mosquitoes since it was 70 degrees. Conditions for hunting were bad this morning, but maybe the change has sent more ducks our way. Bub probably not, because this front came from the wrong direction. At least it will be cooler the next few days. Otherwise, it doesn’t look too promising.

Sunday was a sleep-in day for most folks that hunt. There were a few areas where some ducks were shot, but not many. And a few geese, still. Stay tuned. Here’s a look at this week’s weather.