Day 4: You know it’s gonna happen

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Limited numbers of ducks. Limited water. No wind. It’s a combination for slow hunting and that’s what we had Tuesday. It was a bright pretty day and we killed 13, but it was all early. After that it just shut down. You know it’s going to happen. We talked to several folks who did the same — or worse — and only one group of three hunters that had a limit of 18. It’s a mixed bag of mostly teal, but a few big ducks. There are still a lot of specks and the geese help fill up the lanyard. We only got two Tuesday, though.

It looks like more of the same tomorrow, but there’s a rain coming Thursday and Friday might just be the day for the best hunting of the season. There’s no way to know unless you roll out from under those covers and get out there with them. Good hunting. And be safe.