Day 40: A good day for many

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Even though not much as changed with the numbers of ducks, several hunters we talked to killed limits this morning. It was windy and a pretty morning and the ducks just flew and seemed to work well in a lot of areas.

It’s hard to figure out. And yet some, like us, didn’t shoot that much. But you know, a bad day in the blind is better than a good day at work, right? We are two-thirds of the way through the 60 – day season, but we have a lot of ground to make up as far as taking ducks to make it a good one.

Hang in there. And be safe. This is a time of year when it’s easy to let the blind run down or maybe not clean your gun or stay excited about it, but don’t let that happen. Stay ready for those days that do prove to be good ones. Nothing worse than having lots of ducks but let something you did or didn’t do mess them up.