Day 42: Nothing exciting to report

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It was another slow day. When the wind picked up, we did see quite a few ducks flying and working, but that was way on up in the morning as we rode around some fields just looking to see if there were any ducks. We saw a few teal, mallards and pintails, but not that many. We are usually seeing a lot more by now. All season,we’ve been saying that, but we still haven’t seen any mallards.

Reports coming into the season were that duck numbers were down and man, were they right. There are a few, but man, they are scattered and it’s hard to figure out where to go to get them. We’ll try again in the morning. One thing hunters probably need to do is plan on staying later if they want some good shooting. If the wind picks up, even though it’s up in the morning, it’s been getting them a bit more active. Be safe.