Day 45: Got a few this morning

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We woke up to thunder and rain Saturday and it was a dreary morning, but the change in weather got a few ducks up and flying. We had a pretty good hunt, especially compared to recent days.

We had two blinds today. One got 21 and the other 15. Still no limits, but the wind and rain was a good combination. It’s kind of disappointing. We just aren’t seeing a lot of ducks. Normally this time of year we see hundreds and hundreds flying. This morning I bet we didn’t see 50-100 ducks. And we aren’t seeing mallards. I guess if they decide not to come, the decide not to come.

We have one last bit of hope. This freezing stormy weather sweeping through the middle of the country may drive us some more down here. They better hurry. We’ve just got 15 days left.