Day 5: Not much good

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The fifth day of the 2021-22 season could have been better. But then again, it could have been worse. But not much. It was the worst day of the season for seeing ducks. Most everybody killed a couple, but there just wasn’t much action. There were some zeroes, too.

We had a little wind and a bright day and there were a few ducks flying. Still a lot of teal, but that’s good. They are fun to shoot and tasty on the table. They are mixed with a few big ducks and geese. But they were few and far between for most folks.

We are getting a front passing through sometime Thursday with a solid rain for several hours if the forecast is right. It will bring wind and colder temps, which can’t hurt the duck hunting. Friday may be the best day in a while. Thursday will be an “off-day” for many in the blind, but a good many people have a tradition of duck hunting on this morning as well. Whatever you do, be safe out there.