Day 60: Boom! What a finish

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We were fortunate to have a couple of spots we’ve been kind of saving and it paid off big time on the last morning of the season. There were quite a few ducks hanging around. We had two blinds and got 24 and 28 ducks respectively. We had a good mix of birds in one and a pile of mallards in the other.

After a tough last week or two, it sure was good to finish with a bang! As you can see from the pictures, we had a lot of happy campers! We had Bill and Colton Jordan back with us and had another good hunt with them. That’s always a pleasure!

There wasn’t much shooting this morning because in most places, there still weren’t a lot of ducks. And to be honest, a lot of folks just laid out this weekend because it had been so tough.

Last day of the season, you’ve always got to give it your best shot. We were blessed to have a really great ending to what had been a challenging season at times.

Take time to clean up your gear and don’t end up with your gear “rode hard and put up wet”. Clean up your hunting site, clean your gun and gear well and keep it in good shape for future hunts. Be safe out there in everything you do. And enjoy the blessings of our great outdoors. Thanks for reading the Simmons’ Duck Report and shopping at Simmons’ Sporting Goods in Bastrop!