Day Five: Slowing down a bit

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Things slowed down a bit Wednesday. There are still a good many ducks, but without as much hunting pressure and the fact that they have settled down in some areas where they aren’t being shot at left less opportunities. We had mixed reports of success. Wow, those first five days passed fast.

The good news is that this flood of rain we get should push some more ducks in and also get them moving around. And following the rain, there should be a south wind which probably will push some ducks, especially teal, back up our way. That’s the plan.

It’s shaping up to be pretty good for the weekend, even though we will get some rain, and this is one of the heaviest hunting days for ducks and deer. It should be just right. Watch out for the super muddy conditions, especially walking and riding your ATVs. We haven’t had any mud to speak of in so long we won’t know what to do! And it’s also a big weekend for shopping, so don’t forget a trip to Simmons’ to fill up your sportsmen’s stockings…and more.