Duck Report 2023-24: Started with a limit!

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There’s nothing better than a cool, pretty opening morning to start of the duck season and what’s what we had on opening morning of the 2023-24 season Saturday, Nov. 18. Things aren’t great everywhere with low numbers of ducks, but we got our limit. We didn’t see a ton of ducks, but the ones we saw worked well. A great start to what we hope will be a great season!

Water is the key, even more this year than ever before. It’s a dry as anybody can remember. If you have water, you probably have some ducks. But they are going to get banged at pretty heavy and they won’t stay around long. We need rain really bad. Some chances next week, but it is going to take a lot.

It’s going to be an interesting situation, especially the first split, unless we get a lot of rain and fairly quickly.