No ducks? There are alternatives

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Ducks can drive duck hunters to do a lot of crazy things. A lot of crazy things. But no ducks? It can make duck hunters desperate, too. Like turning them into deer hunters.

That’s what has happened to us. Seriously, we are in a duck hunting funk. So are most other hunters. Even some of the guys with prime spots are coming up nearly empty handed.

There just aren’t many ducks. And there isn’t much hope. It wasn’t even below freezing in Canada a few days this week and if it doesn’t freeze over the water and drop snow on the food sources north of us, ducks really don’t have a lot of reason to come this far south.

It has left us in the throes of one of the most inconsistent duck seasons in a while. It could get better, but it could also go down in the books as a season to forget. Stay tuned. We’ll know in about four weeks. In the meantime, keep your blind in good shape and your gun clean and ready.

So we’ve headed to the deer stand the past few days and with the super cold temps, the deer have been moving. Apparently so have a lot of other folks. We’ll go back and try the ducks later this week.