Sunday was good, too

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We had another good morning. In fact, you might say it was excellent. It was mostly teal, but we had a limit of 36 on the water in less than an hour. That’s some fast shooting. We saw a lot of birds, too.

There wasn’t much wind, but with teal you can get away with that. We went to a different spot today and we’ll do that again on the next hunt. We have only limited holes with water and if you pound them too hard, they won’t hold ducks. If you have an opportunity to move around a bit, it will help you hold the ducks here. Let them rest a bit.

That is still the key — water. Folks that have it generally have a few ducks. We have a chance for some rain this week, but won’t be enough to do much good. We need some big rains. Some rough weather predicted for later tomorrow.

Be safe out there.