They gotta be coming. . .

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The scene above doesn’t exactly scream “Wake me up and get me out of my warm bed” to most folks, but if you are a duck hunter, it does! It’s not that way around here yet, but scenes like this are coming to a rice field or duck pond near you next week more days than one unless the weather man has gone cray-cray. Be prepared.

As for the ducks? With what is going on north of us, they have to be coming this way. It’s brutal north of us in the flyway and you just gotta feel like they are coming! We saw a lot of new ducks the past couple of days and it really picked up today.

It was raining early this morning and the wind was so bad, we didn’t have much luck, but we killed a few. I think that report is going to improve a lot the next few days. Stay tuned. If you are going to hunt early next week, make sure your gear is ready for it and you are, too. If you don’t have enough good warm stuff, you know where you can come get all you need — Simmons’ Sporting Goods! Sorry, we don’t deliver to the duck blind.

Be safe. Have contingency plans for handling yourself and your buddies should they get wet or need help.