This is duck hunting at its best

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The past few days have been awesome – duck hunting at its best for many hunters in our area. After a dry spell and a lull in seeing many ducks, plus worries that the season might end up being a bust, that cold arctic blast brought more ducks our way for the final couple of weeks of the season.

If you’ve got a hole in the woods or deep water spot that can hold ducks, you’ve probably had some good hunting. We had a couple of the best hunts you could want, even getting into some mallards in the woods holes. The weekend is shaping up great, too. Some of the fields haven’t thawed, but you’ve got to think as they do thaw the next few days, those ducks will want to get back in their and feed. Even though some of the woods spots have been frozen, they’ve been bringing in the ducks and they should get better, too.

Go get ’em. It’s our last chance for this season. And be safe.

Note: We are approaching what looks like our last few sunny days of the season. The upcoming forecast is for lots of rain. Make sure your gear and blinds are prepped for it.