This might be the weekend…

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I’m telling you, Friday through the early part of the week might be just what we’ve been waiting for. Conditions are right for the ducks to move and for ducks to actually be here. We had a ball the last couple of days and had plenty of good shooting on ducks and geese.

We had a big group of hunters that bagged a limit Thursday and Friday is looking even better. We should have sun and wind, something the ducks nor the hunters have seen for what seems like a week!

We hunted a deeper field today and found plenty of action because it wasn’t locked up like some spots. There are a lot of folks seeing and shooting ducks. We heard of more than one report when ducks headed into the decoys and either slid on the ice trying to land, or got shot and slid across the ice afterward. It was fun day for the dogs the last couple of outings.

Stay tuned. The season is winding down. You can’t get ’em if you don’t go. And most important of all – BE SAFE!