Tough ducks

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The last few days have been tough. We had a good wind Thursday and thought it would help, and it kept the water from freezing up, but it was still tough. We hunted hard and got eight ducks. We’re seeing mostly pintails and not even the number of teal that we did have. That’s it. It is pretty much the same for everybody, except for a couple of hot holes like down south of Monroe.

We’ll stick with it. Bundle up. It’s gonna be a cold weekend, especially in the mornings. We just don’t have a lot of ducks and not much hope of getting more unless it snows up north and covers up the food. We used to think that a good cold week like this would bring ducks down, but frankly, it doesn’t matter how cold it is. If they can still get to their food up north, there is no reason to come further south. Sad, but true.

Stay safe — and warm — out there.