Weather setup has hunters hopeful

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The weather set up for a good chance to shoot some more ducks this weekend and into next two weeks.

It may not be good for folks living up above Arkansas and Louisiana, but winter is on it’s way this week in a big way. Just check out the maps below.

The heaviest snow, with 6-12 inches and an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 20 inches, will extend from central Kansas to northern Michigan, including Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska.

As the storm strengthens within this zone, winds will increase and average 20-40 mph with gusts from 40-60 mph and locally stronger. Winds this strong can lead to sporadic power outages and airline delays where winds blow perpendicular to the runways. Blowing and drifting snow will become a problem in open areas.

Translated to duck language, that means the food is going to be covered up and the ducks will look for somewhere more comfortable — at least if they know what they are doing!

We had a good weekend and hopefully you did, too. The birds were moving better and the weather had them stirred up. Still not huge numbers of birds, but it’s better than it was. Stay safe.