Duck season is upon us!

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IMG_5213-1Youth only duck seasons open in the EAST ZONE on Saturday, Nov. 11 and the first split of overall duck season is open Nov. 18-Dec. 3, so it is upon us folks.

There is some pretty encouraging news. We went speckle belly hunting last Saturday and killed eight specklebellies. There are geese everywhere. Tons of geese. Almost everybody had success hunting them.

There are a good number of ducks around, too. Everyone that has their water up is seeing ducks. Last Saturday we saw some big groups of 40-50 or more up and flying around. All the goose hunters had them on the move.

It’s been a pretty dry fall, so some of the public areas may have a tough time of it at first, or the ducks will be concentrated in the areas that do have water. We’ve got ours pumped up and if you have an area to pump up, it’s time to get it done. Basically, everybody that has water has ducks showing up.

That’s a good sign, especially this early.

Be safe out there.

See all the season dates, limits and regulations online at: