It’s Duck Report Time!

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IMG_0403Heads up Duck Hunters!

And not just to look for flying mallards Saturday morning as the East Zone in Louisiana opens. Saturday is also the day that the daily Jeff Simmons Duck Report starts right here exclusively on Simmons’ Sporting Goods web site. We will be here every day during the 60-day season.

We’ll be bringing you up to date reports on how duck hunters in the area are doing and personal information from our hunts. Stay tuned.

The season should start off in good fashion. There were loads of ducks in the area before the massive front hit Tuesday night and brought even more water. That scattered the ducks out a bit, but there are still plenty in the area. There is a lot of water for them to get too, so some folks may have tough hunting. Overall, it should be outstanding, though. We’ve had a lot of ducks in almost every field, so hoping for the best.

When you come in the store, make sure and tell us how you did and help us give everybody the best reports we can.  Safe hunting.