Mixed emotions heading into Day 1

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Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 5.54.46 PMWe had a ton of ducks, but a lot of them left with those 20 degree nights a week ago. I don’t think they went too far. There are a lot of ducks hung up between Stuttgart and down to Dermott from what I’m hearing. There are also a lot of ducks down at Jonesville. What we are seeing mostly is geese, but there are still a good number of ducks. Goose hunting has been great. That’s the report for the week before the first split of the East Zone season opens this Saturday, Nov. 23.

The thing is, we won’t really know Saturday morning what the rain will do or what will happen when people start shooting and stir them up. The season opens in Arkansas, too, so it should be interesting. When nothing is bothering them, they tend to wad up in one or two areas. When the shooting starts, they’ll scatter and be flying better. The ducks that went south will come back this way, too, with a south wind and warmer temps. It’s hard to call.  I have mixed feelings about the opening weekend, but I do know we are in a lot better shape this year than we were last year.

We’ve been out working on blinds and keeping an eye on things. We did have a bunch of ducks come in last night. I’m just anxious to get out there and get the season going. Aren’t you?

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