Season wrapup: It was a good one!

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IMG_0358This duck season was a really good one for us. I know it was a lot better than last year. We killed a lot of ducks and had a lot of good times in the blind. One of the most unusual things about this year was the number of mallards. I think we killed 50% mallards and that is pretty unusual for hunting in the fields.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.01.01 PMGood quality hunts and sharing those times with good friends and hunting companions is why we hunt ducks. As I said yesterday, I’m always glad to see duck season get here, but after hunting for 50+ days, I’m kinda glad to see it go. I can use the rest.

Overall, we talked to lots of people who killed good numbers of ducks in north Louisiana and south Arkansas. The season started with a lot of birds in our area because of a big cold front that moved them in a few days before the season. We had limited water and if you had water, you had ducks. It wasn’t uncommon to limit out early.

IMG_0364The second split was tougher on some of the days because we got lots of rain and it put ducks in a lot of areas. They scattered out and on days when there wasn’t much hunting pressure, it got slow. I’ve been hunting ducks for 40 years and this was one of the better seasons we have had. I hope it was for you, too. And I’m glad you are reading the Simmons’ Sporting Goods duck report. I have somebody come up to me every day saying they read it. We’ll plan on bringing it back again next year.

No matter what you do outdoors, make sure you hunt or fish safely so you can go back and enjoy another day!


We had a bunch of folks sign up for our Duck Report reader’s prize drawings this season. Today, congratulations to Trammell Martin of Madison, Mississippi,  for winning the Grand Prize $100 Simmons Gift Card!