Time to get ready!

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IMAG0869Who’s ready for some of this?

It’s hot. It’s dry. There are cracks in the ground that you could break your leg in. We haven’t seen any ducks yet. But I’m getting excited about duck season. The first split in the East opens Saturday, Nov. 19 and runs through Dec. 4.  We’ll be there! I hope you will be, too. And don’t forget the special youth hunt on Nov. 12 in the East Zone. The second split in the East runs Dec. 17 – Jan. 29.

Right now we are busy getting the blinds ready, getting them brushed up and cleaned out. We’ve had to start pumping water because Mother Nature hasn’t shared any around for sure. I think that by opening day, everybody that has water will have some ducks.

We are already seeing some specklebellies show up so some ducks shouldn’t be far behind. Be careful out there working on your hunting setups and if you need anything for your hunting, you know where to come and find it: Simmons’ Sporting Goods.

And don’t forget that you’ll be able to get daily duck reports for all 60 days of our season right here on the Jeff Simmons’ Duck Report.  And remember to follow us on Facebook!