We’ve got water!

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All that's missing is some decoys and some ducks and geese!
All that’s missing is some decoys and some ducks and geese!

For a while, it looked like are duck hunters were going to have to spend a lot of money pumping up some fields for goose and duck hunting. But the last two weeks’ rains have alleviated that problem. We already had diesel fuel in place to pump up water for the blinds on our place, but thank goodness we got the rains that we did. The rains flooded up our hunting areas without having to spend weeks and a lot of money pumping! Now we’ve had enough so I hope it quits for a while.

We will get things underway next weekend with the early opening of goose season on Saturday, Nov. 7.  Check out the dates and regulations in the article below, as well as the dates for duck season. Get all your gear in shape. It won’t be long.

Make sure you do check the rules and regulations for where you hunt and make sure you have the proper licenses. If you need any gear or we can help in any way, come by the store and we will fix you up!  Good — and SAFE — hunting!