Youth hunts up next for duck hunters!

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Louisiana has special days for youth duck hunts each year. There’s a reason for that — hunts with young duck hunters are special.

This year in Louisiana, youth waterfowl hunts will be held Nov. 15 and Jan. 31 in the East Zone (our area); Nov. 8 and Jan. 24 in the West Zone; and Nov. 8-9 in the Coastal Zone. Mark those dates on your calendar. On these special days when regular duck season is NOT open, waterfowl hunters age 15 and younger, when accompanied by an adult (age 18 and older), may take ducks, geese, mergansers, coots and gallinules. Bag limits are the same as regular duck season. The adult may not hunt ducks on these days. Adults can help call, set decoys, etc., but may not shoot. Check the 2014-2015 Louisiana Hunting Regulations to ensure you follow the rules and regulations and dates for youth hunts in your area.

Remember to take along the fun basics for young hunters: some snacks, bug spray, a flashlight for them, etc. And make sure they have good apparel in case the weather turns nasty. But above all, keep safety first. Teach and practice gun safety and take time to practice shooting and calling before you go to the blind. Spend some time learning to identify ducks, too. It will make a world of difference.

When it comes to youth duck gear, here are some practical items I’d recommend:
–Youth Drake 3-In-1 Plus 2 Wader coat. It’s great for a first time hunter and is waterproof and simmons 2insulated.
— Mossberg 20 gauge super bantam shotgun with adjustable stock. It is easy to shoot and young hunters can grow with the gun.
— A personal Drake floating blind bag. Having their own bag for shells, calls, snacks and supplies is important to create ownership of the hunt and provide memories for years to come.
— Haydel’s Game Calls™ DR-85 Double Reed Mallard Duck Call. It features an adjustable floating wedge that allows for personal tuning. The instructional CD is good for beginners and experts alike.
— TruGlo Bead Universal Dual Color Sight TG949D. This is a great choice for any shooter, but especially useful for a novice. It helps the shooter get the bead on target quickly and accurately even in dim light. This product is the direct outcome of their dedication to making certain that shooters possess the sights they need to enhance their precision.

Come by Simmons’ Sporting Goods and our staff will make sure you are set up with these items or any other things you need for any of your hunts!